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Program Analysis


At McCarty & Company, we can capitalize on our vast knowledge of programming to analyze your program and determine its strengths and weakness. By better understanding your program, you will be better positioned for success.


Strategic Planning


Often referred to as bring order out of chaos, we will work with you on the mired of details that will bring your event or program to a successful conclusion. Our cadre of seasoned professionals will either coordinate with your staff or deliver a finished plan to you.


Television Contract Analysis


Reading the “fine print” is essential in today’s complicated structure. McCarty and Company has developed a full proof check list that when applied to contracts immediately points out omissions or none essential material placed in the agreement.


Historical Research


Some say there are no new ideas, but in order to prove that you need the Historical research database that we maintain for our clients. We provide everything from an original title to a review of similar story lines and characters.


Standard and Practices


Broadcasters operate under a sea of regulation and adherence to the rules can save you time, money and legal headaches. McCarty & Company comes to your project with years of production management experience and the latest updates on existing regulations. We provide reviews of scripts and writing outlines in advance of the shooting days. Then we provide on set and location standards and practices review. After all, you can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules.


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