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Program Development


McCarty & Company has a successful track record of taking program ideas and turning them into reality. We are able to assist you with the program development and set you on your way to production.


Television Production


McCarty and Company can advise you on every step of the Television production process; from the Original idea to the finished program. We also provide suggestions on staffing, production facilities and post production. These services are available regardless of the type or size of your production.


Program Promotion


A finished television program is of little value without a sound promotional and marketing plan. McCarty and Company can assist you in the initial strategy and present a multi-layered plan using every possible promotional platform.


Production Supervision


We developed this service for our clients who may be producing on the West coast but have offices located elsewhere. We provide on location professional and experienced personnel to work with the local production unit. This can save you money, as well as, precious production days and time.

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